Care Tips to DMR Repeater (With Troubleshooting)

13 Sep. 2016   Information

To guarantee optimal performance as well as a long service life of your DMR repeater, please follow the tips below.
Repeater Care Repeater Cleaning Caution: Power off the repeater before cleaning.

Troubleshooting of DMR Repeater
Phenomena 1 The repeater can not be powered on.       Solution 1: Properly connect the power cord and ensure secure connection.
      Solution 2: Check if the DC fuse has blown, and if yes, replace it with a new one.

Phenomena 2 Group members can not talk to each other, or the repeater can not communicate with a subscriber radio.
      Solution 1: Re-set frequencies.
      Solution 2: If you can not remove or bypass the interference source, change to operate on other frequencies.
     Solution 3: Go within the coverage of the repeater.

Phenomena 3 Group members can not talk to each other, even though RX indication is given.
      Solution 1: Set your ID to the same as that of other members.
      Solution 2: Re-set CTCSS/CDCSS.

Phenomena 4 Short communication range or poor audio
      Solution 1: Replace the cable with a new one if necessary.
     Solution 2: Secure the connection or replace cable plug with a new one if necessary.
      Solution 3: Replace the cable with a new one.

     Solution 4: Contact the manufacturer or your dealer to re-set the duplexer.

Troubleshooting of DMR repeater

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