IP Multi-site Connect Solution—Application in Forestry

IP Multi-site Connect Solution—Application in Forestry

The global climate is deteriorating and forest protection is urgent. Fire is the Achilles' heel of the forest, once it happens, it is a disaster. Therefore, the coverage and the transmissibility are the base and the key to the forestry communication system which can adopt multiple communication methods to secure the efficient communication during the fire and save the loss as much as possible. HQT has exclusively developed a reliable and easy-to-use IP Multi-site Connect Solution for forestry, it is integrated with wireless digital IP Multi-site Connect system with large coverage.  

Digital IP Multi-site Connect System is based on the TCP/IP protocol, it can connect all the repeaters located in different mountains to enhance the communication coverage. Our digital IP Multi-site Connect is with a simple system structure and expandable, it is adopted in the network building with multiple repeaters in a spacious area.
This IP Multi-site Connect Solution is specially for those applications which value IP Multi-site Connect.

IP Multi-site Connect Solution

(a) Fully adopts IP network building technology and supports various transmission links and network forms such as star topology and tree topology;
(b) All terminals can be roaming to improve fire fighting and rescue;
(c) Supports hierarchical and level-to-level managements;
(d) Fully complies with standard IP Multi-site Connect protocol and interconnects with other systems via other gateways;
(e) Offers API for second development to meet customized functions and extended businesses.

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