Emergency Dispatch System—Public Security Solution
Emergency Dispatch System—Public Security SolutionThe Emergency Dispatch System is mainly applied to the on-site dispatching and assignment of emergency and incident events such as the mid- and small-scale local security, stability maintaining, emergency handling and rescuing tasks, which can help our customers build an efficient on-site dispatching and rescuing net. More Details >>
IP Multi-site Connect Solution—Application in Forestry
IP Multi-site Connect Solution—Application in ForestryDigital IP Multi-site Connect System is based on the TCP/IP protocol, it can connect all the repeaters located in different mountains to enhance the communication coverage. Our digital IP Multi-site Connect is with a simple system structure and expandable, it is adopted in the network building with multiple repeaters in a spacious area. More Details >>
Real-time Positioning Solution—Application in Transportation
Real-time Positioning Solution—Application in TransportationThis Real-time Positioning Solution is easy to use with high efficiency, it can be built easily with the existing customers’ resources such as the digital portable two-way radios/digital mobile radios/digital repeaters/PC. Currently, our solution supports online maps (Baidu Map supports Chinese market and Google Map supports the rest market), so it needs the PC to connect to the Internet. And it has no requirement for versions or the supports from other devices, so lower versions are suggested. More Details >>
Commercial Recording Solution—Application in Railway
Commercial Recording Solution—Application in RailwayBy capturing the joint control signal of the secure voice between the working stations and the on-site protection workers, our recording system captures, records, compresses and saves it to the record version. It is very convenient to be read and played back, so our customers can monitor the real-time protection procedures, processes and quality of the on-site construction and operation, which can discover the security risks and provide powerful evidence for accident handling. More Details >>
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